Water-Energy-Food-Environment Nexus for Enhanced Climate Resilience in Mena Region

"MENA is a water scarce, food deficient, energy intensive region and highly vulnerable to the impacts of climate change. The WEFE Nexus approach has the potential to resolve conflicts between vital sectors such as water, agriculture, and energy, and bring them to collaborate for better livelihoods of the populations of the region.
Efforts in field of WEFE nexus by ICARDA and partner institutions that are interested in MENA region will be presented in this session to disseminate best practices, innovations, and success stories for maximizing on-farm WEFE Nexus parameters in MENA such as ultra-low energy (ULE) drip irrigation, agrivoltaic systems, raised bed machinery (RBM), conservation agriculture, and water harvesting. The session will involve presentations and panel discussion around linkages between water, energy, and food on the farm level and the cross-sectoral coordination on the basin level in the region. The session will present a diagnosis for farm performance combining water, energy, food, and ecology pillars in several farms representing different irrigation systems and agroecological conditions using an on-farm WEFE nexus index as a quantitative measure."
  • 1 November 2023 09:30 - 11:00 (Heliopolis Ballroom)
(Open Session)


  • International Center for Agriculture Research in the Dry Area (ICARDA)


  • Arab Water Council (AWC)



  • Prof. Susan Amrose / United States

  • Eng. Anas Mansoury / Morocco

  • Dr. Samar Attaher / Egypt

  • Dr. Khaled AbuZeid / Egypt

  • Dr. Hussein El Atfy / Egypt

  • Prof. Abdeen Saleh / Sudan

  • Dr. Ali Abousabaa / Egypt